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  1. 2014.05.20 win-get(windows-get / 윈도우에서 apt-get 대체 프로그램)


win-get is an automated install system and software repository for Microsoft Windows written in pascal (for the command line client) and php for the online repository. The ideas for its creation come from apt-get and other related tools for the *nix platforms.

The system works by connecting to a link repository. Finding an application and downloading it from the stored link using wget.exe . Then performing the installation routine (silent or standard). And finnally deleting the install file.

Installation: 1. Download wget.exe 2. Download win-get.exe (version 1.01) 3. Put the 2 files some where on your system (I like in the c:\windows so they are system wide accessible). *** If you are upgrading to the 1.x version from any previous version you must delete your win-get.conf file and allow win-get to recreate it!! *** Questions, Comments, Bug-reports? visit the sourceforge site at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/windows-get or email me ryan.proctor@gmail.com You can view the current changelog here: changelog.txt





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